May 13, 2021

Episode 14 - The one with 27 metre high CRISPR babies, misheard lyrics under the microscope and a decidedly dodgy book review of 50 shades of Grey

This week's Brainy Lecture considers Final Cut Pro for genes with the CRISPR gene splicing technology. We look at how it works and how it may help humanity. We spot the first misuse of the technology was well.

We welcome back our Songs under the Microscope with a special misheard lyrics edition.

Stand by your shallots as this week we are giving our kingdom for a red wine sauce.

In Literally the Last Section we  finally tackle 50 Shades of Grey and we compare and contrast it to Harry Potter. This review was researched by a light perusal through the pages and a heavy application of snark. If you have complaints please forward them to