June 3, 2021

Episode 17- The one where statistics show that the world probably does to exist, we prepare a sorrel sauce for Yorgos Lanthamos’s The Lobster. and Kafka's monstrous insect. All this in Pantone 715C

This week our Brainy lecture considers Boltzman Brains and shows why, on balance, you probably do not exist. Well, you do, but no one else.  The Metamorphosis and The Lobster have the super plastic human mind dealing with absurd propositions whilst still trying to get to work on time. Yorgos Lanthamos was silent about the sauce that would be served with the lobster, but we are serving it with a tangy sorrel sauce. Our misheard lyrics have had me singing “Might as well face it, you’re a dick with a glove” all week. 

This week's podcast is sponsored by the rhythm hailing app, Tuba.