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My favourite physics, hats, cooking and music podcasts

Learning has never been so amusing. I never thought I would see Einstein, Hogwarts and Gwyneth Paltrow altogether. Amusing, educational, eclectic and hilarious! I came for the physics and stayed for the sauce.

Sauce recipes and particle physics together at last

The phrase “something for everyone” is much overused, but this podcast truly earns the title. I was still trying to make sense of quantum entanglement (me neither) when I found myself learning the recipe for a mushroom velouté. The podcast is worth listening to for “A Sauce, a Sauce, My Kingdom For a Sauce” alone: no small segment, this is better understood as a kind of podcast within a podcast. Each step of the recipe is so finely wrought that I find myself not only learning a great recipe but also augmenting those recipes I already know with the host’s suggestions (particular attention to turning off the extractor fan when doing a white wine reduction). Subscribe now!!

Get ready to laugh and learn!

Edutainment at it’s finest. Want to know more about the expansion of space and seeking space in a relationship, either via the advice or Paul Simon or Gwyneth Paltrow? Well look no further! Could not recommend the podcast, jingles, sound effects, lyrics interrogation and balsamic vinegar top tips more highly.